We are a Think Tank for the People and Companies.

We ask difficult questions, find answers and use them to make life easier on the Earth!


Questions We Have Been Working On

What is Intelligence Architecture?
How to Create Wise Artificial Intelligence?
What is Software for Survival?
How to Self-Optimize?
How to Create the Ultimate Methodology (The Methodology for creating Methodologies)?
How to Optimize Thinking?
How to Model Thoughts and Emotions?
How to Become Wiser?
How to Improve Mood, Creativity, and Productivity?
How to Create Beautiful Thoughts?
How to Make Life on the Earth Easier?

Our Mission

Help individuals, families, communities, and organizations optimize their thinking process in order to make the process of life easier for the individuals.

Our Vision

Be the leader in Intelligence Architecture research, technology, and education.

Who We Are

We are a group of thinkers from different walks of life. We understand the difficult questions of life.

Our Methodology

We have created a universal methodology for Self-Optimization called "The Ultimate Methodology". We define the Ultimate Methodology as the methodology for creating other methodologies. It is the methodology for creating a reality from any thought at t=0 or as the thought is forming.



Discover the Power of Your Wisdom!

Create Methodologies. Discover Thoughts. Understand Moods.